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Mo’s Irish Pub is not just another Pub. It’s a place where camaraderie is forged. We don’t just serve beer and drinks. We serve you a culture that is unique. We serve you with liquor and the food that goes with it. It’s not just a pub, it’s an extension of home, community, and family.

Vintage Park's Favorite Pub

Great Food And
Amazing Beer!

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Our History

The first location opened in downtown Milwaukee in 2003. Mo’s was named after founder Johnny Vassallo's mother, Maureen, who is of 100 percent Irish heritage. Vassallo was invited by Guinness to travel to Ireland where he spent time visiting traditional pubs and learning about Irish culture. From his travels, he was inspired to import the first Pub’s bar straight from Ireland, transporting guests to The Emerald Isle the minute they walk through the doors.

Lively and Festive

Lively and festive, anytime of the day. Mo's Irish Pub is the perfect place to gather with friends, family, or meet new people.

Extensive Beer Collection

An extensive craft, domestic and imported beer selection. Specializing in pouring Guinness' 3 Step Perfect Pint!

Big TV Screens

Watch your favorite team on our BIG TV SCREENS spread throughout the Pub. Inside and Out!

Vintage Park's St. Paddy's Day HQ

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Local Food Critic Shares About Visit

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“We were invited out to try some menu items by Randy at Mo’s Irish Pub Vintage Park. The goal was to show that they are more than just bar food. We found out that 96% of their menu are made from scratch, these guys are even making their pepper jack cheese bread. Mo’s already had impressed us with their fantastic beer and cocktails menu. I got to say some of the food we had today was pretty special and stellar. Their menu was created by Certified Master Chef Ken Arnone.

Appetizers came out and I was excited because these guys fly in cheese curds from Wisconsin for their fried cheese curds, I could have eaten a basket my self, Harp® beer-battered Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese curds fried crisp and served with our buttermilk ranch dressing). Onion rings were also great not greasy and the batter seasoned very well. Cheeseburger Shalaylees was an interesting concept (think Southwestern egg rolls, but instead cheeseburger filling) The ultimate cheeseburger! blend of ground beef and American cheese stuffed inside a crispy wrap. Garnished with sour cream and served with Mo’s Guinness® Barbecue dipping sauce.”

Pics From Nick’s Visit

Where To Find Us

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Mo’s Irish Pub

138 Vintage Park Blvd.

Houston, TX 77070

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