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Mo’s Irish Pub is not just another Pub. It’s a place where camaraderie is forged. We don’t just serve beer and drinks. We serve you a culture that is unique. We serve you with liquor and the food that goes with it. It’s not just a pub, it’s an extension of home, community, and family.

Ladies Night

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Every Thursday Night Starting at 9:00 pm - Drink Specials

Bands Go Live

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Thursday: 8p -11p | Friday: 9p - 12a | Saturday: 9p - 12a

February 14th, 2019Michael Hinton
February 15th, 2019The Rikkis
February 16th, 2019Baroness, A Queens Tribute (St. Practice Day)
February 21st, 2019Sol Flair Unplugged
February 22nd, 2019The Fantastics
February 23rd, 2019Tin Cadillac with Buddy Whittington
February 28th, 2019JB Barnett
March 1st, 2019Sonic Seduction
March 2nd, 2019Sol Flair
March 7th, 2019Leslie Lugo
March 8th, 2019Flashpoint - 4 YR Anniversary Party
March 9th, 2019TeXXas Heat
March 14th, 2019Michael Hinton
March 15th, 2019Blaggards
March 16th, 20194 PM TurnMic | 8:30 PM The Rikkis
March 17th, 20192:30 PM Tone Posse | 7:30 PM ThunderPants
March 21st, 2019Leo Mendoza
March 22nd, 2019Six Alarm
March 23rd, 2019Sick Duck
March 28th, 2019JB Barnett
March 29th, 2019Park Avenue
March 30th, 2019The Fuse

Mo's Irish Pub

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