Live Music in Milwaukee | Mo's Irish Pub - Milwaukee

Mo’s Irish Pub is not just another Pub. It’s a place where camaraderie is forged. We don’t just serve beer and drinks. We serve you a culture that is unique. We serve you with liquor and the food that goes with it. It’s not just a pub, it’s an extension of home, community, and family.

Friday: 10p - 1a | Saturday: 10p - 1a

Bands Go Live

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March 15th, 2019Rudy and Vee
March 16th, 2019Shut The Front Door
March 17th, 2019Tap Room (Next Door and Connected To Mo's) 2pm to 6pm - Ben Janzow | 6:30pm to 10pm - Dean Richard
March 17th, 201910:30am to 2pm - War Piper | 2:30pm to 5:30pm - Killarney Blarney 6pm to 9:15pm - McTavish
March 22nd, 2019Tipsy Trio
March 23rd, 2019Ol' Style Skratch
March 29th, 2019BMAC
March 30th, 2019Prada, Mills and Grassman
April 4th, 2019DJ Delicioso
April 5th, 2019Wait For Morning
April 6th, 2019Aisle 9
April 11th, 2019DJ Bryan Edwards
April 12th, 2019Scotty & Rick
April 13th, 2019The EcoLimes
April 18th, 2019DJ Delicioso
April 19th, 2019Jake Williams
April 20th, 2019Marcell
April 25th, 2019DJ Rick Jules
April 26th, 2019The Listening Party
April 27th, 2019Chris Schmidt Acoustic